song with no end - dave stafford - ep - compilation


“song with no end" is a compilation of 5 instrumental and 4 vocal tracks recorded over a fifteen year period by ambient artist dave stafford. influenced by some of the finest pop and progressive rock of our time, this extended play download contains a broad scope of unique and unusual music. the instrumental tracks incorporate early new standard tuning/crafty compositions, and gentle, early genesis-like guitar works, while the vocal works show the mostly unseen progressive/rock influences that stafford delves into when he isn’t working on his purely ambient music. a rare and fascinating look at the "other side" of this mainly instrumental, mostly, but not always, ambient artist. this compilation brings together nine excellent tracks produced by stafford during this formative period. the “progressive” sound of the vocal works in particular recalls influences as diverse as peter hammill, camel or, perhaps, bill nelson meets brian eno...it’s never quite clear, but always interesting, always engaging. song with no end…

  • Model: SSDL1721
  • Artist: dave stafford
  • Music Genre: active/ambient

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