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live improvisation

for additional videos featuring dave stafford, please visit the dozey lumps videography


coming soon - dave stafford live at the tolbooth november 20, 2009 - remaster




                 dave stafford      

due to the volume of videos now available by dave stafford, we have stopped embedding the videos here on the web site, and instead, we have links to the six dave stafford-related video channels on you tube, where you can view dave stafford videos in six different “flavours”:







the main body of dave stafford’s video work, featuring live ambient and active videos, album tracks, and much, much more...

a channel dedicated to dave stafford music conceived and performed on the ipad, using applications played directly on the device

another dedicated dave stafford channel featuring music played on a full-sized midi keyboard, including using it to drive ipad application synths or soft synths

dave stafford performing music using the remarkable X-Y pad looping synthesizer, the korg kaossilator - a synthesizer with neither strings nor keys

the “anything goes” channel, featuring unusual dave stafford performances not suitable for the main channels, such as piano and vocal “songs”, covers and more

dave stafford’s 1990s band bindlestiff, which was stafford and keyboardist bryan helm, played live ambient looped music - featured on this channel


featuring music created using brian eno and peter chilvers’ application “scape” - a generative ambient music creation tool - dave stafford creates many different kinds of ambient and active atmospheres using this remarkable tool...

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