gone native

dave stafford

download - august 1, 2012      cd – november 17, 2012

rock /progressive rock

“gone native” has finally arrived: since I am now using SONAR 8.5 to its fullest capacity, this allows me to play all of the instruments myself (except drums on one track); so, virtual drums and synths – real synths, real basses and real guitars, and, beginning in early 2011, guitar synth as well.  the 19 tracks showcase my oft-hidden prowess as not just lead guitarist, but also as composer.  it’s a fairly common misconception, that I hope this record will dispel, that I “just do ambient”, or I “just do looping”, or I “just play crafty guitar" - but “gone native” does show that I can actually write songs.  I mean, who knew?  not to mention, my first-ever recorded bass solo.


the album was actually begun in november, 2008, with a single track (“thanks, frank”); then, the majority of the drum-based songs were composed and realised during 2009, with a sprinkling of later pieces from 2010, 2011 & 2012.  the first 12 pieces are all fully-instrumented songs: drums, bass, mellotron, guitar, guitar synth (from 2011 on only) - while the last 7 span an enormous range of different styles, from ambient to synthetic to kaoss pad and back to ambient again - and this diversity really allows me to show off a wide, wide range of guitar, and guitar synthesizer, styles, which in turn maybe begins to present some viable portion of the result of forty one years’ playing experience.


final mixes were completed during june, 2012 although some of the pieces from 2009 had been final mixed during 2010; all of the pieces received an update, including a brand new mix upgrade and 24-bit mastering for all 19 of the tracks. a number of the tracks were fully remixed to bring them up to my current 2012 standards - although a few were pretty much just right as they stood...





the previous record is “sky full of stars”



notes from the guitarist’s seat:

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quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.


gone native - gallery

some days are more difficult than others - in search of that elusive, perfect take, in this case, a take of a particularly difficult lead solo (which I did get!) in the title track, “gone native”...february, 2011:

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