sky full of stars

dave stafford

september 17 2011


after almost two years of agonisingly slow progress on the final mixes of “sky full of stars”, we are very pleased that it is now finally available.  the delays were inevitable, and during that time, even though all the tracks were fully completed and recorded during late 2009, there was still considerable thought and many considerations about the overall sound of the record, the sequencing, and the mixes themselves to be addressed; but finally, during a week of final mixing during august 2011, the songs have now reached the state where they were, at last, ready to be heard.


stafford remarked of the forthcoming release “during the mixing of ‘from within’, one of the first tracks to be completed, the music had relaxed me to the point where I was nearly dozing off, listening to playback after playback of the same four minute piece, was just creating a mood and a feeling of utter peace that completely engulfed and relaxed me – it’s that kind of record, that gets inside your head, and you can just put it on endless repeat and you never want to take it off”.  


the album is composed entirely of pieces created using stafford’s software synth of choice, the remarkable m-tron mellotron software synthesizer. stafford began using the synth in 2009, and in short order had recorded an entire ambient album using no other instruments whatsoever, which speaks volumes for the quality of the sounds that the software offers.


this album will be a first in many ways – the first all-keyboard album that stafford has ever made, the first stafford album that does not contain a single loop of any kind, and even more amazing for a musician primarily known as a guitarist -an album with no guitars and no energy bow guitars – but still an album that is completely and totally ambient.

this record is a complete departure for stafford, composing very quickly on the mellotron; key based instead of string based; and the variety of sounds chosen in the making of these 8 tracks shows us the almost limitless possibilities of an instrument such as the m-tron mellotron, at turns beautiful, eiree, haunting and unique.

it is interesting to note that in terms of “mood” or “feel” this record, recorded with a software mellotron, has a very similar mood and feel to “the haunting” - despite the fact that “the haunting” is an ambient energy bow loop - all guitar - all ebow guitar - record.  despite the two almost polar opposite approaches, both records feel supremely pureambient and make an excellent pair of very different, yet very similar in mood, ambient releases.



the previous record is “the haunting”.


notes from the guitarist’s seat:


quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.

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