2003...a merman I have turned to be - promo single

dave stafford



Dave Stafford, September 2010:  The first of two promo singles from the “All Things Being Equal” album, both of which were released on special coloured 3” mini-CDs – and if you have one, it’s a collector’s item, as very few were produced.


“Merman” was released on a dark green mini-CD just prior to the appearance of the album proper.


This was pretty much the only time that I actually created promotional CD singles for any tracks from any album, but because these two tracks have a special place in my heart, and they are the two “Hendrix-inspired tunes”, and it was my first real “rock” album – although there are a couple of early “rock” pieces on the “Song With No End” EP, this was my first full-length effort in the rock idiom – I felt that they should receive special treatment.



For details on the creation of this track, please see the album notes for “All Things Being Equal.

Please see the entry for “electric sky church” to read what happens next - this is a single from the album “All Things Being Equal”.

notes from the guitarist’s seat:


quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.

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