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Dave Stafford, September 2010: The “Live Performance Sampler” was intended as a promotional item, originally published on a mini-CD, it contains short excerpts of pieces that represented, at the time, the type of live performances that I would do at that time.


Never widely circulated, this was during the era when mini-CDs were still considered to be a clever marketing tool, and to this day, their tiny size is very attractive, I think we are often drawn to “miniatures”.


Now into the future, and we’ve moved to an all-download approach, these piece have perhaps, become more curiosities, but, at least, in this record, you get what might have been a typical selection of what I would have performed in a live show of the day – with the exception of “Your Timorous Courage” – which, while live, is both acoustic and a loop, but would not have figured in any performance.  But, the rest of the tracks, or similar loop pieces, might well have, so at least you get the flavour of a Dave Stafford live performance, circa 2002.



For “Xifeng”, “Alpinia Park”, “Xiren” and “Baochai”, please see the entry for “A Dream Of Red Mansions” for details on these tracks.


For “Your Timorous Courage”, please see the entry for “1867” for details on this track.


For “Miniature Garden”, please see the entry for “The Autoreverse Sessions” for details on this track.




Please see the entry for “All Things Being Equal” to read what happens next, the previous album is “A Dream Of Red Mansions”.

notes from the guitarist’s seat:


quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.

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