luxury yacht - acoustic guitar power trio


luxury yacht enjoyed a brief but powerful existence in 1990 as the "electric power trio” version of acoustic guitar duo the dozey lumps. veteran guitarists bryan helm and dave stafford joined forces with freelance drummer extraordinaire tom freeman to create a unique and alternative "version" of the dozey lump’s music.


the band tackles 8 dozey lumps classics and one group improvisation in this a remarkable musical document, adding drums and percussion to the music of the dozey lumps, changing completely the character of the music. freeman’s contributions are remarkable, not to be missed – he brings his powerhouse style to the table and turns these normally totally acoustic pieces into - something else again.


two crafty guitarists and ex-zappa drummer freeman cut loose and really let their hair down - a one of a kind recording session and listening experience!  luxury yacht rock the house, and their one album for pureambient is a remarkable and unique musical collaboration.





quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.

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